Friday, 28 February 2014

state the result of two days ' walk from the outside rather than the other department officials, local BRC , CRC and education officers visit schools to take the children and the schools will be evaluated . Starting from 2009, the balancing is so far held four rounds . Self- evaluation by schools , including last year's result was . External evaluation will be next after the month of March . March 6th and 7th in the event the value of the 20 per cent of primary schools in the district schools will be evaluated . .2 The standard thipana children reading , calculating and writing will be tested . Std 6 to 8 of the 80 students in all subjects incorporating the virtue of such a test will be objective .
 ➣ a result of the new WHAT ?
 Evaluation and external evaluation will be replaced at the last time
 The - upper elementary school students studying in Std 6 to 8 of the 80 qualities will be tested . 16 subjects in Gujarati , Hindi 8 , English 12 , Mathematics 16 , 4 culture , social science, and science and technology 12 questions of 12 marks each may be considered.
 ➣ result to be taken into account ?
 School students' academic achievements , co- learning activities using resources and public participation will be evaluated .